110+ Great Middle Names For Leonardo

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Congratulations on picking Leonardo as your baby’s first name. 

Inspired by one of the most brilliant minds and Italian Renaissance painter, scientist, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci. 

Leonardo also reminds me of the amazing American actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo is a name of great talents and it deserves a complementing middle name to go with it.

Now, if you are looking for unique middle names for Leonardo, then this article can help.

We have curated a list of 110+ interesting middle names for Leonardo.

Let’s start with the history and meaning behind the name.

Leonardo Dicaprio – an American singer-songwriter and musician. Credit: https://www.cheatsheet.com/

Meaning and Origin – What does Leonardo mean?

Leonardo is a boy’s name of German origin meaning “brave as a lion”.

Leonard became a popular name because of its association with the Italian Renaissance painter, scientist, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Owing to its history, it is clear that Leonardo is a  name with a potential for greatness, fame, and impact.

According to Baby Center, Leonardo is the 115th most popular name in 2022. Leonardo is a name that is mostly used for boys.

You can make your baby even more special by considering our selection of 110+ Great middle names for Leonardo.

Find out why we have middle names here.

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110+ Best Middle Names for Leonardo

25 Unique (Four-Syllable) Middle Names for Leonardo

Below is a list of unique middle names for Leonardo with 4 syllables.

  1. Leonardo Arsenio – Spanish: “virile; strong”
  2. Leonardo Azariah – Hebrew: “helped by God”
  3. Leonardo Benvolio -Italian: “good wisher”
  4. Leonardo Benicio – Italian: “blessed”
  5. Leonardo Damarius – Spanish, Greek: “gentle; calf”
  6. Leonardo Eugenio – Greek: “well-born”
  7. Leonardo Elysian – Greek: “Blissful”
  8. Leonardo Emilio – Latin: “rival”
  9. Leonardo Federico – Spanish: “Peace Ruler”
  10. Leonardo Florencio – Spanish: “blossoming”
  11. Leonardo Gamaliel – Hebrew: “God is my reward”
  12. Leonardo Giovanni – Italian: “gift from God”
  13. Leonardo Horatio – Latin: “hour, time”
  14. Leonardo Heriberto -Spanish: “Army Bright”
  15. Leonardo Ignacio – Spanish: “fiery”
  16. Leonardo Laurentio – Spanish, Italian: “from Laurentum”
  17. Leonardo Luciano – Italian, Latin: “bringer of light”
  18. Leonardo Montgomery – Norman, English: “manpower”
  19. Leonardo Napoleon – Greek: “lion of the new city”
  20. Leonardo Patricio – Latin: “Patrician; noble”
  21. Leonardo Rogelio – Spanish: “Famous”
  22. Leonardo Salvatore – Italian: “savior”
  23. Leonardo Teodoro – Spanish: “divine gift”
  24. Leonardo Xavier – Arabic: “new house; bright”
  25. Leonardo Zenobius – Greek: “life of Zeus”

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25 One-Syllable Middle Names for Leonardo

Below is a list of unique middle names for Leonardo with 1 syllable.

  1. Leonardo Art – English: “noble one, bear man”
  2. Leonardo Brandt- German: “dweller on burnt land”
  3. Leonardo Brad – English: “large clearing in a wood”
  4. Leonardo Chase – French: “to hunt”
  5. Leonardo Clark – English: “scribe, secretary, cleric”
  6. Leonardo Drew – Greek: “strong and manly”
  7. Leonardo Frank – German: “Frenchman or free man”
  8. Leonardo Floyd – Welsh: “Gray-haired”
  9. Leonardo Gage – French: “oath, pledge”
  10. Leonardo Heath – French: “the heathland dweller”
  11. Leonardo Jace – Hebrew: “the lord is salvation, diminutive of Jason”
  12. Leonardo Knox – Scottish: “round hill”
  13. Leonardo King – English: “of royalty”
  14. Leonardo Lars – Scandinavian: “crowned with laurel”
  15. Leonardo Mack – Irish, Scottish: “son of; greatest”
  16. Leonardo Max – German, English: “greatest”
  17. Leonardo Nash – English: “by the ash tree”
  18. Leonardo Rhodes – English: “where roses grow”
  19. Leonardo Seth – English: “appointed, placed”
  20. Leonardo Trace – American: “brave”
  21. Leonardo Todd – English: “fox”
  22. Leonardo Wells – English: “spring”
  23. Leonardo Ward – English: “guard, watchman”
  24. Leonardo Yale – Irish: “fertile upland”
  25. Leonardo Zayn – Arabic: “beauty; brain”

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25 Two-Syllable Middle Names for Leonardo

Below is a list of unique middle names for Leonardo with 2 syllables.

  1. Leonardo Austin – English: “great. magnificent”
  2. Leonardo Arthur – Celtic: “bear”
  3. Leonardo Andrew – Greek: “strong and manly”
  4. Leonardo Brantley – English: “sword, fiery torch”
  5. Leonardo Caleb – Hebrew: “whole-hearted; bold; brave”
  6. Leonardo Connor – Irish: “descendent of hound, desire”
  7. Leonardo David – Hebrew: “beloved”
  8. Leonardo Erick – German: “eternal ruler, king”
  9. Leonardo Edwin – English “wealth/prosperous friend”
  10. Leonardo Franco – French: “Frenchman or free one”
  11. Leonardo Finlay – Irish “courageous one”
  12. Leonardo Griffin – English: “strong lord”
  13. Leonardo Garett – Welsh: “rules by the spear’”
  14. Leonardo Hunter – English: “one who hunts”
  15. Leonardo Hector – Greek “holding fast”
  16. Leonardo Liam -Irish: “resolute protection”
  17. Leonardo Maxwell – Scottish: “great stream”
  18. Leonardo Madoc – Welsh: “fortunate, benefactor’s son”
  19. Leonardo Ryan – Scottish: “little king”
  20. Leonardo Spencer – English: “steward; administrator”
  21. Leonardo Thomas – Greek: “twin”
  22. Leonardo Wesley – English: “western meadow”
  23. Leonardo Warren – English: “watchman”
  24. Leonardo Zander – Greek: “defending men”
  25. Leonardo Zaiden – American: “ increasing, surplus”


25 Three-Syllable Middle Names for Leonardo

Below is a list of unique middle names for Leonardo with 3 syllables.

  1. Leonardo Adrien – Latin: Alternative spelling to “Adrian
  2. Leonardo Abraham – Hebrew: “father of a multitude”
  3. Leonardo Barnaby – English: “Young warrior”
  4. Leonardo Barnaby – English: “son of consolation”
  5. Leonardo Caspian – English: “white”
  6. Leonardo Dakari – African: “happiness, Joy”
  7. Leonardo Daniel – Hebrew: “God is my judge”
  8. Leonardo Emory – English: “Brave; powerful.”
  9. Leonardo Everett – English: “brave, strong boar”
  10. Leonardo Elliot – English: “the lord of my God”
  11. Leonardo Frederick – German: “peaceful ruler”
  12. Leonardo Finnegan – Irish: “fair, white”
  13. Leonardo Gregory – Greek: “watchful; alert”
  14. Leonardo Gianni – Italian: “God is gracious”
  15. Leonardo Harrison – German: “Home ruler”
  16. Leonardo Jaiden – Hebrew: “thankful”
  17. Leonardo Jeremy – English: “appointed by God”
  18. Leonardo Kaiden – American: “fighter”
  19. Leonardo Kamari – Arabic: “moon”
  20. Leonardo Nicholas – Hebrew” “People of victory”
  21. Leonardo Maverick – American: “independent, nonconformist”
  22. Leonardo Manuel – Spanish: “God is with us”
  23. Leonardo Ricardo – Spanish: “ brave ruler”
  24. Leonardo Sullivan – Irish: “dark-eyed one”
  25. Leonardo Vincenzo – Latin: “to conquer, win”


15 Unique French Middle Names for  Leonardo

Here are some French names for you if you want to add a French connection.

  1. Leonardo Sebastien
  2. Leonardo Nathan
  3. Leonardo Simon
  4. Leonardo Léo
  5. Leonardo Sebastien
  6. Leonardo Damien
  7. Leonardo Enzo
  8. Leonardo Bastien
  9. Leonardo Raphael
  10. Leonardo Mickael
  11. Leonardo François
  12. Leonardo Raphael
  13. Leonardo Mickael
  14. Leonardo Martin
  15. Leonardo Martin


Nicknames for Leonardo

Short names or nicknames you can use.

  1. Leo
  2. Lee
  3. Leonad
  4. Nado
  5. Nad

Foreign Spelling of Leonardo

Here is different ways of spelling the name.

  1. Līyonarido (Amharic)
  2. Leonárnto (Greek)
  3. Lieanarda (Belarusian)
  4. ʻO Leonardo (Hawaiian)
  5. Reonarudo (Japanese)
  6. Le-onaleudo (Korean)
  7. Lyeonardo (Mongolian)

7 Reasons to Have Middle Names for Leonardo

Three are a number of benefits for having middle names. 

#1. Special: an easy way to make them even more special.

#2. Traditional: the first to give your son or daughter a middle name. 

#3. Sound more pleasant between the baby’s first name and your last name. 

#4. Memory: remember someone, pay homage, or honor someone special. 

#5. Aspirational: with stories of a particular middle name

#6. Noble: The middle name concept probably started with the ruling class in Rome according to Times. It was a way to which family one comes from and, more importantly, why one matters.

#7. Smart: CNBC reported that people think people with middle names are more intelligent. Research also finds that it could help get a job. 


7 Ideas to Craft Middle Names for Leonardo 

1. Pay homage

2. Remember the heritage

3. Make it personal

4. Make it about value or belief

5. Check the sounds

6. Check the initials and acronyms for Leonardo

7. Google the name: see if negative comes up 

  1. Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) – was an Italian polymath of the High Renaissance who was a painter, draughtsman, engineer, scientist, theorist, sculptor, and architect.
  2. Leonardo DiCaprio – an American actor and film producer.
  3. Leonardo Fibonacci (1170 – 1250) – was an Italian mathematician from the Republic of Pisa, considered to be “the most talented Western mathematician of the Middle Ages”.
  4. Leonardo Fábregas Semaan – son of Spanish footballer Cesc Fábregas and girlfriend Daniella Semaan, born in 2017.
  5. Leonardo Ángel Charles – son of actor Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, born in 2016.

Sibling and Twin Names for Leonardo

Here are amazing and cute names for baby Leonardo’s siblings. 

Baby Brother Names for Leonardo

  • Leo (Alliteration)
  • Fernando (Consonance)
  • Everardo (Consonance)
  • Ronaldo (Consonance)
  • Eduardo (Consonance)

Baby Sister Names for Leonardo

  • Dora (Consonance)
  • Doe (Consonance)
  • Dove (Consonance)

Bringing it All Together

That’s it. 

Over to you crafty mothers and fathers! We hope you enjoy our post. 

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